Internet Marketing: Will Seo Get Me New Customers?

Internet Marketing: Will Seo Get Me New Customers?

New customers are essential to the growth and survival of any business. Nonetheless, customer acquisition is a delicate and sensitive process, which requires careful planning and an effective marketing strategy. A successful marketing strategy should entail a number of things including how the target audience will find the website, and the website’s search engine ranking.

Moreover, a successful marketing strategy should also entail the identification of the most preferred engagement channel, as well as the type of content that the target audience loves to read. It is important to note that search engine ranking relies on a number of factors. One of the most important tools to improve search engine ranking, and online visibility of any website is through SEO. Search Engine Optimisation helps attract organic and relevant traffic to any website.

Apart from increasing traffic, SEO will also improve your company’s brand credibility. Companies with a higher google ranking tend to convert their traffic easily into sales. On the other hand, companies that rank lower on Google tend to have few to none conversions as people are more sceptical about the credibility of these websites. Since we have already established that SEO helps us get new customers, let us first begin by looking at what makes a good SEO campaign.

Elements of a Good SEO Campaign
Though SEO contributes immensely to customer acquisition, it has to be done correctly with an effective SEO campaign. There are two main elements of an effective SEO campaign; On-Page Elements and Off-Page Elements.

1.On-Page Optimisation
On-page optimisation is a process which entails the optimisation of your website’s on-page elements including the structure and layout of your website as well as the content. All these three elements are crucial to the ranking of any given website. Other important on-page elements include Black Hat techniques, SE Indexing, page load time and HTML i.e descriptions, titles, headers and meta tags.

2. Off-Page Optimisation
Off-page optimisation entails the things that developers or marketers do away from the website. Apart from improving the website ranking, off-page optimisation will also improve the trust and visibility of the website. It is important to note that posting a guest post on a high ranking blog, with links to your website is just but one of the many things that website owners should do.

Other important elements under off-page optimisation include quality links from high ranking websites, trust building through forum and blog posts, global or local business listing, and viral marketing through social media.

Though a good SEO campaign will help drive traffic to your website, and even get new customers, it is up to you, the business owner, to convert a huge percentage of the traffic into sales. One of the best ways to convert most of the inbound traffic into sales is by ensuring that you make an impression with your customers quickly. Research shows that a huge percentage of the well established companies have lightning fast websites. By improving the overall load speed of your website, you will be able to improve on your conversion rate.

Another great way of converting traffic into sales is by ensuring that you provide quality content at all times. Always ensure that you provide a solution to a problem that your clients want to solve. Moreover, you should also encourage your customers to make purchases indirectly.

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